Guest Speaker Programme for Classes IX-XII

Delhi Public School RK Puram organised a virtual Guest Speaker Programme (GSP) on the topic “Start-ups and Entrepreneurship” on May 10, 2021 for the students of Class IX-XII. 

The guest speaker, Mr. Vikas Bagaria, founder of PeeSafe is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned businessman with more than 24 years of experience in setting up and successfully running businesses from scratch.Mr Bagaria and his wife, Srijana, founded PeeSafe  – world’s fastest growing personal hygiene brand in 2013. When Mrs Bagaria fell sick on one of the Road Trip and was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection, they came up with the idea of a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray.

In January 2020, PeeSafe was awarded as The Best SMB Brand of the Year by Amazon India in the presence of Jeff Bezos. Besides running PeeSafe full time, Mr Bagaria helps Indian Defence, Aerospace, Power Transformer and Energy companies in Conditional based monitoring systems from his company SRV Damage Prevention. The unfortunate incident of Nirbhaya rape case inspired him to start India’s 1st online portal on Safety products Bagaria has invested in startups like ASADELTECH®️, GrowTech Innovations. WittyFeed, Innov8, Shaadi Saga, Cutloot, GlamStudio, TripLived, Deyor Camps among 20 others. 

The Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan, the Vice Principal Dr. Renu Nayar and the HeadMistress Mrs. Rashmi Malhotra also graced the occasion. While addressing the audience, the vice principal spoke about the growing  interest of the youth in start-ups and entrepreneurship. She also highlighted how important it was for the students to learn about entrepreneurship in school itself so that they can invest time and effort into other activities accordingly while planning for such ventures. 

The Guest Speaker Programme was conducted as an interactive session by Saanvie Verma (XII-X) and Arshiya (XII-E). During the session, the speaker spoke a great deal about the importance and growing interest in start-ups and entrepreneurship while discussing real life examples. He emphasised on the skills required to start new business ventures and discussed his own story citing his mistakes which the students can avoid. 

This was followed by a Question & Answer  session conducted by Anhad Sood (XII-S), Maulik Gupta (XII-H), Shreya Singhal (X-A), Lavanya Negi (XII-C), Saanvi Pandey (X-G), Amaan Ahmed (X-O) and Madhav Gupta (X-B) where the speaker patiently answered a wide range of questions posed by the students. His answers provided a great deal of insight into the topic punctuated with practical advice for students, parents and teachers.

The Guest Speaker Programme concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Rashmi Malhotra.

The event was organised by Ms. Mandeep Tewanj, Ms. Archna Deepak and Ms. Shelly Malhotra with technical support from Mr Mukesh Kumar and his team.