Photography Competition

A photography competition on the topic ‘Dignity of Labour’ was conducted by the Social Service League. 6 students of the Social Service League, Alma Ali(11 U), Bharat Bhargava (11 U), Devina Singh(11 V), Riddhi Khurana(11 K), Simran Joshi (11 Q) and Srijan Gupta(11 H) conducted this competition along with their Teacher In-charge Ms. Preeti Pratihari. This competition was done to inculcate the virtue of selfless care towards humanity, among the students of the Social Service League and make them aware of the importance of thinking about the ones who do so much for us, but don’t get the same return. 

The participants were told to click a picture of any form of labour they saw around their houses, edit them and think of a meaningful caption for the photo they clicked. 23 students of class XI participated in this competition and their pictures were judged by Ms. Sarika Kaushal.

The results are as follows-
1st Position- Kritika Sharma 11-A
2nd Position- Srishti Agarwal 11C
3rd Position-  SP Thanushree 11 U