Observing ‘Obedience’ As The Value Of The Week (3rd -14th October 2016)

Class VI
All students of class VI contributed in making the class board. All of them got slogans, posters, articles and drawings in English and Hindi. These were checked by the respective English and Hindi teachers. Students also decorated the corridors by putting up various posters, slogans, quotes, etc.
Obedience is required for a person to be perfect. Obedience is the fruit of faith. True Obedience is true freedom.

Class VII

To begin with teachers did one to one discussion on different problems faced by students and the reasons for the problem of disobedience amongst the students. The students listed some of the root causes. They came up with the major causes of problems related to disobedience which was the lack of values- included integrity, respect, and honesty. With the above as the foundation, the children prepared various slogans and posters on obedience and displayed them on the soft boards and corridors. The class teachers also appreciated the well behaved students in the class on a daily basis. The encouragement given to the children for their good behavior also motivated the students to be obedient and more respectful towards the elders, teachers and their peers. Consequently students are now more aware of their action.
Class VIII

The ‘value of obedience’ activity was followed very diligently by the students of class VIII. Healthy discussions were held on the topic, the students recounted personal experiences, and language teachers also got students to enact the theme.

It was learning in a fun, proactive manner. The activity board of the class had been decorated with paper craft. Some quotations on obedience have been pasted on the walls. These quotations keep reminding the students about this important virtue. The children have also written articles, poems and stories on the importance of obedience, helping them, as well as others, to understand the true meaning of it. Most importantly, a majority of the students practice what they preach, respecting and obeying their teachers and the staff at all times.