Ten students have qualified at the national level from Delhi Public School R.K.Puram out of 53 students in the general category from Delhi (NTSE Stage-2 2015-16).The exam was held on 8th May 2016 and the results were declared on the 22nd of July 2016.

1. Shaurya Raj Singh
2. Srija Chakraborty
3. Lakshya Kumar Tangri
4. R.Sainiranjan
5. Siddhanta Panda
6. Ishaan Jain
7. Sankush Gupta
8. Ayush Venkatesh Bindlish
9. Pranshu Bhagat
10.Sajag Prakash

The qualified students will get Rs.1200/- per month till Class XII and from graduation level Rs.2000/- per month. We are very proud of our students’ achievements.