Teams Anchises, Swastika 14191 and Mellontikos from Aeross: The Aerospace Society secured the 1st position in the XII th Grade, 2nd position in the Xth Grade  and 1st position in the VIII Grade category of the NSS Space Settlement Contest.The NSS Space Settlement Contest (NSS) is an annual international space settlement design competition open to students from grade VI  to XII all across the globe. Sponsored by the National Space Society, the competition demands students to put their creative, innovative and research  skills to test and design a free space orbital space settlement and explain the same in a proposal, with realistic as well as hypothetical aspects supported by models, experiments and scientific evidence. A proposal must include certain aspects of space settlement like life supporting systems, activities leading up to settlement and socio-economic issues that the populace might face. A budget plan, future expansion scope and self sufficiency are some aspects that are highly suggested to be taken into consideration. The teams can also apply for literature, technical  or creative submission categories which work specifically on certain aspects like report structure, technicalities & experiments and artistic value respectively. 

All participants are invited to the 2022 International Space Development Conference where the highest ranked submission from the attendees will be asked to present their work and share their experience at NSS during the conference. They would also be receiving a $5,000 Hermin Rubin memorial scholarship. 

The teams are grateful to the Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan , Mr. Ajay Goel (Physics Faculty), alumni and senior members of Aeross for their mentorship over this year-long competition. 

Members of Team Anchises:

Shriya Sawhney VIII-H

Ira Bhattacharya X-N

Tanmaya Sharma IX-F

Abhimanyu Shetty X-J

Swastik Agrawal XII-E

Arya Vikram Singh X-F (2021-2022)

Divyansh Nayan XII-E

Hashmeet Kaur X-M  (2021-2022)
Mana Sharma X-I (2021-2022)
Manaal Azhar VIII-F
Siddhanth Shetty XII-N (2021-2022)

Members of Team Swastika 14191:

Mana Sharma X-I (2021-2022)
Ira Bhattacharya X-N

Hashmeet Kaur X-M (2021-2022)

Abhimanyu Shetty X-J

Arya Vikram Singh X-F (2021-2022)

Ameya Aneja X-K

Avi Aryan X-C

Kaamyaa Negi X-O  (2021-2022)

Saksham Raheja X-L

Krish Shah X-N (2021-2022)

Members of Team Mellontikos:

Anav Jain IX-K

Anika Bose IX-H

Aymandeep Singh Chandok IX-L

Tarush Aran VIII-K

             Team Anchises

             Team Swastika 141919

             Team Mellontikos