Not All Disabilities Are Visible-the International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is observed on 3 December. This year’s theme was a call for resonance and inclusiveness towards people with disabilities and an understanding that ‘Not all disabilities are visible’ such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, learning differences amongst others. These disabilities are often overlooked and misunderstood which might prevent further open conversations regarding them. 

Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram’s Psychology Club organized a presentation for the grade XI psychology students  which was  prepared by the following students Mihika Jain XI X, Geetanjali Goel  XI K, Anandit Thakur 11X, Killada Shreevani 11U and Kriti Tripathi of class 11X.The purpose of the presentation was to inculcate awareness among the fellow students about disabilities both physical and mental .The presentation was very informative and appropriately presented with the help of short videos including a renowned TED talk by Ameii Mullins. It aimed at encouraging empathy and recognition towards needs of people with such disabilities. Acknowledging the pivotal role of stigma, discrimination and neglect as barriers in accessibility to professional medical help was also highlighted by use of media. The presenters also depicted the feelings of disabled people through a heartwarming self composed poem ‘Fire in a building’ illustrating how the inability of people to treat them equally and accepting their special needs is more detrimental to their well being than their own disabilities. The presentation was followed by a very interactive and compelling quiz which was created by our very own psychology students and was attempted by all. Lastly, the presentation also stressed upon the significance of open minds, open communication and elimination of social stigma towards fostering acceptance and inclusiveness as all disabilities are just differences which can be overcome through assistance.