How To Act Around People With Disabilities?

The International Day of Persons With Disabilities is celebrated every year on December 3 since its proclamation in 1992. Every year this day has a different theme. The theme of this year is that: ’not all disabilities are visible. One of its aims is to educate people how to behave around people with disabilities, develop empathy towards them and how to make them feel more comfortable

Four students who are part of the Social Service League- Alma Ali of 11 U, Devina Singh of 11 V, Krish Gupta of 11 R and Mudit Khandelwal of 11V- prepared and presented a Presentation on this topic.The presentation was prepared by Mudit and Devina. Krish and Alma spoke on it. At the end of the presentation, there was an open discussion in which everyone participated.

It started with a short poem and then talked about how people with disabilities are extremely special and need to be showered with love and extreme care. Following this, we had a discussion about what each individual thinks the world “disability” means. We told the attendees about some striking facts, discussed some challenges faced by them, their employment opportunities, and finally, busted some common myths about disabilities. 

 The main objective of this presentation was to educate the club members as to how they should  behave in front of people with disabilities. We told them to act how they would with any other person; be gentle, affectionate and ask if they need something. We also told them to make people with disabilities feel comfortable around them because they need the empathy of the society and not their sympathy.