‘MY COMBO ROCKS’: Cooking a Healthy Dish

‘MY COMBO ROCKS’: Cooking a healthy dish event organised by Nutrition & Wellness Club,Biology Department

Nutrition & Wellness Club  under “Eat Right School” activities by FSSAI conducted the event ‘My combo rocks’ on December19,2020 at 10:30 a.m. for the Classes VI to VIII.This event was Virtual Competition of baking cake and healthy snack.The aim of this activity was to promote healthy food choices and to develop a positive connection of the student with different types of foods including fruits and vegetables ,so essential at the growing stage.

The participant along with an adult family member baked a cake and a healthy snack within 45 minutes of preparation time.Each participant was given 5 minutes to highlight the nutritional value/speciality of the dish .Judgement of their preparation was based on innovative name of the dish,originality,ease of preparation,nutritional value and overall presentation.It was an enriching experience for the participants as they learnt essential skills such as measuring and following instructions.It was an opportunity for students and their family members to showcase their teamwork.It was fascinating to see young chefs present their innovative and healthy recipes. The excitement and involvement of the students  was noteworthy.

Ms Padma Srinivasan wished the teams all the best and highlighted the importance of  family bonding and team work.The judges had a stupendous time watching young chefs working hand in hand with their parents and grandparents. They presented their innovative dishes very thoughtfully explaining the ingredients along with the  nutritional value. The highlight was a chocolate zucchini cake log which was beautifully themed as ‘My DPS Christmas cheer.’A plum cake shaped into a snowman was made with almond flour and was a delight to watch.Most of the parents used gluten free ingredients.A spectacular snack was the use of burgers made of rice flour.An appetizing array of healthy snacks were prepared with oatmeal ‘appams’.

The activities was organised under the guidance of  Ms Niva Chhonkar Headmistress (VI to VIII) and coordinated by Ms Jyoti Sharma and Ms Shalini Chanana,Incharges of the Nutrition & Wellness Club.and the teachers of Biology Department