Music- Learning New Platforms

Music- Learning New Platforms  By- Mr. Sothingam, Mr. Leimi, Ms. Aastha Kochar, Ms. Shraddha Parmar, Ms. Sanya Taneja

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”- Malcolm X

An enlightening session was conducted for the teaching staff on 22nd February, 2024 in the Audio Visual Hall by a team of in-house faculty members. Mr. Sothingam (Performing Arts Department) explained the use of Apps like Filmora and Canva to make fun and creative music videos. Mr. Leimi (Performing Arts Department) showed the audience the use of Green Screen Backdrop for photography and videography. Ms. Aastha Kochar (Sociology Department) elucidated the ways in which an educator can use various design Apps (especially Canva) to further enhance their teaching learning skills. Ms. Shraddha Parmar (English Department) illustrated various creative ways in which a magazine or a story book can be digitally created. Ms. Sanya Taneja (English Department) spoke about the relevance and use of lights with visuals and sound in theatre. Overall, it was an enriching session for the teaching staff members.