Interactive Session on GENDER SENSITIVITY for DPS RK Puram, Vasant Vihar and East of Kailash Staff

A Virtual Guest Speaker programme on ‘Gender Sensitivity’  was conducted for the teaching as well as non-teaching staff members of Delhi Public school, R.K. Puram, Vasant Vihar and East of Kailash on December 12, 2020, at 10.30 am with the support and guidance from the Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan. 149 teaching and non-teaching staff members actively participated. A pre-webinar questionnaire was also filled up by the participating members.

The Principal Ms. Padma Srinivasan extended a warm welcome to the guest speaker and all the staff members. Ms. Attrey Mukherjee, with 16 years of experience of working as a corporate lawyer addressed the gathering. Through her PowerPoint presentation, she gave an insight into creating an equal and gender-neutral society. She discussed various laws and policies and statistics, related to gender discrimination and inequality. She further emphasized on women empowerment and various challenges faced in the present scenario.  The talk was followed by an interactive question-answer session.

Overall the webinar proved to be a very enriching and learning experience.In the end Ms. Renu Nayar, Vice Principal thanked the Guest Speaker for sparing her valuable time to create gender sensitivity and make them more aware of the issues related to gender inequalities. The webinar was organised by Ms. Niva Chhonkar, Ms Vinita Gupta, Ms. Kaveri Dhar and Ms. Preeti Pratihari.

No. of Participants:

DPS R.K. PuramDPS Vasant ViharDPS EOK
Total no. of participant1001831
149Teaching Staff:83Males: 22Females: 61Non-Teaching Staff: 17Males: 11Females: 6Teaching Staff:16Males: 4Females: 12Non-Teaching Staff: 2Males: 1Females: 1Teaching Staff:29Males: 7Females: 21Non-Teaching Staff: 3Males: 2Females: 1