Inter-School Biology Fest- ANTHIEA

The students of Classes XI and XII participated in an Inter-School Biology Fest- ANTHIEA organized by Cambridge school, Indirapuram on 20 October,2022. The results were declared on the same day and DPS RK Puram won three competitions. 

Divya Agarwal and Manasvi of class XII B won the first prize in Quizemia. Quizemia was a quiz based competition with 3 levels .The students were made to answer various questions regarding biology. Students displayed their intelligence and presence of mind and excelled.

Gunn Garg of 11-D and Ananya Chauhan of XI C won the second prize in Fact Check. This competition included verification of the given statement and interpreting  it as a fact or a myth. Students were given 30 mins to prepare a powerpoint presentation, along with a showcase. The use of internet based information platforms like google was allowed.

Padmini Ashish Kundu and Aditya Prakash Gupta of XI D won the  second prize in ‘Nature Hunt.’As the name suggests it was a competition related to the environment. It  included 3 levels. The first  level was a quiz based on plant morphology and anatomy . The second level was slide preparation while the final round involved identifying the organisms based on various clues.