Assembly X-H & X-I (03-11-2022)

Topic: Conquer the Ravan in You

As said, ” Ram and Ravana, both are within you. Your Karma decides who will dominate” and to highlight  this notion, the students of class X-H and X-I took the opportunity to showcase their class presentation on ‘Conquer the Ravana in You’. 

Lankapati’s conscience was enlightened with wisdom, valour and spirituality. Despite being a paragon of virtues Ravan’s vibrant colours of knowledge faded away due to his arrogance. He granted his arrogance the permission to conquer, ultimately paving the way to his end. 

The class presentation began with morning prayer by the headmistress Ms. Rashmi Malhotra. Compering was done by Swastika Ghoshal, Siddhi and Prasan and choir was sung by Aahaan, Aaditya Singh, Aditi Singh, Deepanshu, Aitreya, Arunima, Arush, Garima, Ishita, Pratiti, Hardik, Jiah, Jyotir, Naren, Samriddhi, Prisha, Stuti, Stanzin, Satyabrat, Saurav, Suhani, Sujoy and Vansh. It was followed by news being read by Arkayan Goswami, Navya Wadhwa, Roopansh Baijal and Utkarsh. Poetry was recited by Varunavi Gupta. The introduction of the play was done by  Swastika Ghoshal. The role of Shri Ram was played by Shaurya Pratap Singh, Yuvika Katoch was Sita, Anant Dev played the role of Lakshman, Manvir Singh played the role of Hanuman and Ryan Ali Jan acted as Ravana. 

Voice Overs was  by Vansh Kumar, Raunaq Singh and Uddipt Srivastava. Dhak Dance was presented by Tia Dutta, Aditya Jha, Aakarsh, Arpit, Rozina, Riyank, Shreya, Srishti, Venya and Mithisha. Preachings were written By Swastika Ghoshal and Ishita Bhalla 

The screenplay and dialogues were written by Navya Wadhwa. Kanak Ahuja and Arunima Sharma were the narrators in the play. A speech on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was delivered by Navya Wadhwa. Mahira Kohli & Medha Singh made the invites for the Principal and Headmistress, scrolls were prepared by Aahaan Gupta.The board was prepared by Mahira Kohli, Tia Dutta, Pranya, Jiah and Medha Singh. Presentation was prepared by Raaghav Sethi and Vishesh Chaurasia. Music was composed by Vishesh Chaurasia.

The message of prioritising blissful moments in life and letting goodness take over arrogance and evil side was depicted by the students with zeal, vibrance and exuberance.

3 November 2022, Thursday
Classes X H and X I
Class Teachers : Ms. Sohini Chakarborty and Ms. Komal Choudhary 
Headmistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra 
Class Representative- Ms. Pratibha Sacher and Ms. Richa Basrao
Activity Incharge- Ms. Kaveri Dhar 
Photography – Mr. Shankar Giri