Independence Day Celebrations – Biology Style!

15th August 2020

Even the Novel CoronaVirus running amok couldn’t dampen the spirits here at D.P.S., R.K. Puram, where Independence Day was rung by the teachers and students of the Biology and Biotechnology departments in full fervour by organising and participating in some wonderful and innovative online activities.

The main activity of the Biotechnology department consisted of each of the participants explaining a concept of Biotechnology along with its principle and significance by the means of neatly labelled, colourful diagrams… the catch being that the diagrams had to be illustrated in the colours of the National Flag of our country!  

As for the Biology department, the main activity consisted of participants elaborating on the development and innovation made in the field of Biology since Independence by the means of cartoons, collages, mind maps, comic strips or posters on the same topic.

The participants were to be judged on the basis of their creativity, the amount of research involved, their understanding of the art form, relevance of the caption chosen by them, and the overall presentation.After the completion of the activities, the participants were asked to upload their work on the Google Classroom platform in the form of an assignment and/or showcase their work in the live online classes. The students turned up with some magnificent renditions of their own, some of which are showcased here.

The activities were thoroughly enjoyed by both; students and teachers alike, and provided a beautiful new medium of introducing the participants to the intricacies of the subject, while at the same time instilling a feeling of national pride in their hearts.