Class Presentation XI-N (14-08-2020)

Topic- Long March to Freedom and Beyond

The Class  Presentation was on the theme : Long March to Freedom and Beyond”. It was a salutation to the freedom fighters and soldiers who risk their lives for the country and also to the citizens who make the country proud in their way. The presentation started with Ashmi Shriya welcoming everyone and  congratulating  all on our 74th Independence Day. She also cited a sanskrit shloka  which expressed the grandeur of India’s beauty and culture. Followed by this was a melodious prayer sung by Seetha K.–‘ik tu hi bharosa ik tu hi sahara’. Ridhima Singh Hora quoted a  very powerful sanskrit slokas and invited Pranav Ajith and Upanshu Sharma to say the thoughts for the day .Later, Akanksha Mehta and Shreya Singh  expressed their views through  captivating speeches . Ketavpriya Bansal not only impressed everyone with a mesmerising poem titled :AZADI but also contributed in this Class presentation by preparing the e- invite, editing the audios and providing soothing and meaningful background music.The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks and  wishing everyone  a very happy and safe Independence Day. JAIHIND.   

14 August 2020 Friday
Class Teacher- Ms Jagmeet Kaur Babbar
Class – XI- N
Vice Principal- Ms Renu Nayar
Class Representative –  Ms Nagalakshmi
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan