Guest Speaker Programme Class XII Psychology

A guest speaker programme for class XII students was conducted at DPS R.K. Puram on 21st July 2017. Mr AK Bhatnagar, who retired as Vice Principal from Navyug School Sarojini Nagar, an active member in the syllabus committee for Psychology was invited. He is also involved in framing of Question papers and marking scheme for Psychology with the CBSE and has authored several books. He combined pieces of wisdom with humour, telling the students about the sections students tend to lose marks in and errors to watch out for. He emphasised on the importance of reading the question paper thoroughly, specified that the answers should be direct and reiterated the significance of doing well in the viva voce exam. The other tips he gave were the little things that separates the best papers from the mediocre ones, like writing examples, having a good presentation etc. All in all, the event was a success, and the students left the program enlightened and enriched.