Crescendo’17 – State Western Music Festival

A state level music festival was held at Amity International School, Mayur Vihar. on Thursday, 20th July and Friday, 21st July, 2017. 18 schools participated in the competition. The two day competition consisted of four categories, in which the team from DPS RK Puram won 1st prize in Band, 1st prize  in Choir, 2nd prize in Duet and 2nd prize  in Solo. The team from DPS RK Puram won the overall trophy. The team consisted of 17 students.

Group Song: 1st Position

  • Swastika Sharma XII M
  • Aadya Varma XII M
  • Kriti Singh XI M
  • Rohan Malhotra XII T
  • Avichal Chopra XI P
  • Harnoor Dhanjal XII P
  • Himali Chhabra XI W
  • Anushka Chaudhuri XII X
  • Amrit Kaul X E
  • Udbhav Seth XII J (Keyboard)

Band: 1st Position

  • Karan Wali XI (Vocal)
  • Dev Taneja XII Q ( Lead Guitar)
  • Aryaman Kiri XII X (Drums)
  • Lakshaya Grover XII M (Bass)
  • Udbhav Seth XII J (Keyboard)

Solo: 2nd Position

  • Harnoor Dhanjal XII P (Vocal)
  • Udbhav Seth XII J (Keyboard)

Duet:  2nd Position

  • Raj Bakshi XI K (Vocal)
  • Shloke Meresh XI T (Vocal)
  • Shrey Gupta XII P (Guitar)