Guest Speaker Program

Internet Addiction

To acquaint, sensitise and strengthen students regarding Internet and its usage, a Guest Speaker Session was organized for the students of Class XI on December 13, 2019.The session was taken by Ms. Jyotsna Bhardwaj, Counselling Psychologist. She is the Founder Director of Envision India Eduservices. She specifically mentioned about Do’s and Don’t of Internet Usage and how and why to stay away from Cyber-Bullying.

Happiness Quotient

A Guest Speaker Session was organized on the topic of Happiness Quotient for the students of Class XI on December 13, 2019, Friday. The interactive program focused on acquainting students with happiness as a basic feeling for a sense of well being. The session focused on how and why Happiness is the most important thing one can focus on in the life. Science behind Happiness emotions and how to remain aware was also discussed with students.

Hospitality Tourism

A Guest Speaker session for students of Class XI was organised December 16, 2019, Monday, on acquainting students with the Hospitality Tourism as one of the most emerging career though it is still underrated. Mr. Dilip Puri, Founder & CEO of Indian School of Hospitality, Gurgaon was the speaker for the day. He focused on education and career aspects relating to the Hospitality Tourism in India and abroad.