Exun 2022-23 – International IT Symposium

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” –Tim Berners Lee

Exun Clan, The Experts Unlimited Clan, The Technology Club at Delhi Public School, RK Puram hosted the 27th  edition of the Exun IT Symposium on the 12th and 13th of
November 2022 held during the Exun week from 7th to 13th November. Every year, STEM enthusiasts from India and beyond arrive at the symposium to test their mettle by battling it out with their skills and come together to have some of the most memorable, impactful and rewarding experiences which help them in crafting a better version of themselves whilst also giving everyone the perfect stage to celebrate the essence of technology.

The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan. The Special Guests, Mr Hitesh Oberoi and Mr Abdul Sharif.

In the opening speech, the Vice Principal, Mr Mukesh Kumar welcomed everyone with his words of motivation. He encouraged all the participants to focus on active participation, showcasing their talent, connecting with their peers and enjoying the overall learning experience. He further thanked the principal, teachers, students, sponsors, computer faculty and staff members.

One of the esteemed Special Guests, Abdul Sharif, of ExtraMarks shared his inspiring views with the participants. He talked about student empowerment and motivated students to let go of the fear of rejection and focus on trying their best.

Mr Hitesh Oberoi, an alumnus of DPS RKP and currently the founder and trustee of Plaksha university and CEO at Info Edge India Ltd. inspired the audience with his hardworking persona and life occurrences. He encouraged the students to follow their passion and not let the noise of competition take over their lives.

The magnificent event had enthusiastic participation from 82 schools online from around the world and 56 offline to the venue. The Exun Symposium had significant international participation for the 3rd year and impressive national participation for the 5th year in a row. With over 20 events held in offline, online and hybrid modes, Exun opened its wide gates to every yearning participant to get involved, evolve and discover and this also boosted the clan to take yet another step towards achieving the global presence of Exun community; this appropriately serves their motto of “We, not I”. This Event also starred Sudocrypt v12.0 and Surprise x Locus The tech enthusiasts of Exun Clan held the Exun symposium 2022 under the supervision of the Computer Science Department of the school. The event was sponsored by ExtraMarks, PlayStation, Vardiano, Plaksha University and ONGC along with other community partners.

Exun talks are a series of insightful addresses by experienced alumni and professionals, on comprehensive themes. To watch the illuminating talk series, be sure to use the following link: exun.co/talks. For more information on any event or any part of the symposium, kindly visit exun.co/invite and contact Exun at, [email protected].

The events that lighted the symposium were as follows:






Build – Designathon

The build designation event chose the retro-throwback theme revolving around the game company. Out of the 19 teams in the preliminary round, 7 of them qualified. It involved game app design, web design, brand style guide, poster, merchandise, etc.


Build – Hackathon

Hackathon Prelims was held over 2 days during Exun Week, after which qualified teams were given another prompt and had a chance to showcase their final round creations in a pitch (offline). The finalists were also required to come onsite on the 12th where they worked on their products.


Build – Unreality

Unreality incorporated Game Development, Audio Production and 2D/3D Design, with a strong emphasis on assets created in-house. The participants had to use the diverse skill sets of their team members to create a game and tackle the prompt in the best possible way. Participants exhibited Audio Production, 2D/3D Designs and Game Development skills in their submission. The theme for Unreality 2022 was retro.


Competitive Programming

Our signature Competitive Programming event saw the participants face a plethora of problems based on logic, algorithms and data structures. They were evaluated based on the time they took to solve the problems. In the finals, it was a 1 v 1 knockout tournament and based on the time and quality of the code, the participant would win.



The crossword events saw the participation of over 20 teams out of which 7 competed in finals which consisted of an unexpected round and the grid event.



A cross-disciplinary event with a variety of tricky tasks requiring you to make a better model than the other team with your machine learning skills. During judging, there will be an emphasis on data science quality, tangible results, and data ethics.


Girls in Tech

The girls in tech event received 39 registrations in the preliminary round with 10 teams being qualified. This Event involved the building of a business model and pitching it in front of the workshop office which was the CEO of Skilliet.

9 teams made it to the final pitching. These teams pitched ideas for app development to tackle problems faced by students in real life.


Group Discussion

Should doxing be made legal? The group discussion gave the teams an interesting way to put up and interact by expressing their ideas on the given topics. The exchange of ideas led to the mi



Out of the 11 prelims registrations, 6 teams qualified. This offline event held in Lab 3 inculcated troubleshooting hardware and installing arch and using the same to play the audio file.



The quiz event in the symposium had numerous teams from across the globe that put their minds to cracking the winning code. 7 of those teams with the best minds proceeded to the final round. The quiz covered many aspects of the tech industry, its history, future and much more.  The finalists were required to answer many exciting questions on varied topics ranging from computers and technology to gaming to recent events in the world of IT. The quiz was played through a unique grid-based system with the “Infinite Pounce and Bounce” in play throughout the event.



(Online) Dream up practical solutions for engaging problems in the environment of space, while exploring and learning about cutting-edge technologies of the present.


Sudocrypt v12.0


Exun Clan’s flagship event of the year, Sudocrypt v12.0, is the annual international cryptic hunt. With thousands of participants and an exciting new system of game mechanics each year, levels are rewarding and challenging.


Surprise x Locus

The surprise event consisted of a series of tasks, whose details, as the name implies, are a surprise and will be disclosed on the day of the event itself.

These tasks tested everything from logical reasoning to artistic ability and participants had to be prepared to face anything.


Turing Test

(Online) This was a unique event both meant to provide an introduction to the amazing world of computational linguistics, as well as test one’s reasoning abilities. Questions were based on the pattern of Linguistics Olympiads.  It required logical reasoning abilities.


Domain Square+ Surprise Gaming

The surprise Gaming event involved individual participation, prelims of which was held online. This was covered in three rounds; with V Gaming in the first round, followed by VR gaming and then PS4 gaming in the final round. In the finals, they had to present an implication of presentation on rival consciousness of the deceased  using tech.


Domain Square+ PC Gaming

The PC Gaming event also involved individual participation, the prelims of which were also held online. This even encouraged PC Gaming among the participants and helped them to get a grasp of their strengths and weaknesses. In the finals, qualifiers played OG video games like doodle jump to showcase their talent


RoboKnights MX+C

Build a line-following robot that is capable of following a black line on a white surface autonomously in the least possible time.

In Round 1, participants competed against each other and were eliminated based on the total time taken to complete the track.  In Round 2, participants ran their robots on a second track and were timed. After this, the participants faced an interview with the judges in which they were required to explain the working of their respective robots to the judges and tell the judges about the efforts they put into making the robot.


RoboKnights Robosoccer

Participants  built and battled their robots for glory in the game of goals, ‘soccer’, competing with each other to stand ahead in the playoffs and ultimately win the champion title.


RoboKnights Embot

Participants had to code a robot to race through a maze full of dangerous obstacles in the least time possible, all on our self made web-based robotics simulator. Code were written in C++ or Javascript.



(Online) The competition followed a cryptic hunt format. Participants had to solve the question to get an integral value or a string and submit it in the space provided.

There were 30 levels in the competition.

The questions in the event were based on circuit analysis, logic gates, embedded electronics, graphs, basic computer architecture, electronic signals, and machine learning.


Cubing – 2×2

Cubing – 3×3

Cubing – Pyraminx

(On Zoom) Participants had to possess a good amalgamation of pinpoint memorization and fine impromptu intuition in order to win. While registering, the participants were required to submit their World Cube Association ID (Optional).

Cubing Events were conducted online on Google Meet (Online Event). Participants were allowed to participate in more than one category type.


The closing ceremony of Exun 2022 commenced with Naunidh and Pratishtha, members of the Exun Clan inviting the founder and Vice-Principal of Delhi Public School, RK Puram, Mr Mukesh Kumar to deliver the vote of thanks and congratulate the participating schools and their Principals  on behalf of the Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan. In his speech, Mr Mukesh Kumar, highlighted the main goal behind the symposium as “Connecting with like-minded people”. He then took us through the journey of Exun and how it came to be. He also acknowledged the hard work of students to bring Exun to an international level as students across the globe have been seen participating in Sudocrypt events over the years. He ended his speech by thanking the whole computer department for their sincere and diligent support. The Presidents of the Exun Clan, Kavin and Shireen, shared their inspirational journeys in the club. The Presidents of RoboKnights and Domain Square+, went on to tell everyone about the importance of communication and connection.  The event concluded with the presentations and distribution of mementoes and awards to the judges and winners respectively. We hope that the club and students continue to thrive each year. Bar Raised Successfully!

The Overall Trophies were given to the following schools:

Overall Prizes



Overall Winner

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj

Runners Up

Amity International School, Gurgaon Sec 46

Second Runners Up

Delhi Public School, Dwarka

Opening Ceremony

Photo Gallery – Events Day 1

Photo Gallery – Events Day 2

Photo Gallery – Closing Ceremony