“Theatre has the power to move, inspire, transform and educate in ways that no other art form can. Theatre reflects both the extraordinary diversity of cultures and our shared human condition, in all its vulnerability and strength.”

Irina Bokova

The Expressions Theatre Club of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, organised an event for class XII students during the summer vacations. The activity was conducted by the club incharge, Ms. Sanya Taneja.

In the activity titled ‘Catchphrase’ students were required to work in a group to be able to select a catchphrase and weave a plot around the same. They were given an opportunity to synthesise various elements of theatre like setting, props,plot, character, theme,dialogues and music. The catchphrase was an encapsulation of the larger idea and it made the students realise the importance of perspective and projection.

The participants utilized their creativity and imagination to present well-knit acts. The acts represented an amalgamation of talent, skills and knowledge which gave way to experiential learning.Their enthusiasm and earnest efforts were appreciated by the teacher incharge and the other theatre enthusiasts.  

The activity was engaging as it allowed the participants to quench their thirst for theatre and explore latent abilities. It offered a platform to collaborate , communicate and create meaningful experiences. The participants submitted their acts which were presented on the google meet platform.Participants were delighted to exhibit their talents and they also expressed their sense of fulfillment associated with the process.