On 13th and 14th December, 2023, the Geography Department of DPS RK Puram showcased a documentary on Migratory Birds in the AVH for the sections A-G and  H-N of class IX . The documentary portrayed the lives of various migratory birds, their places of origin and the places where they migrate to and the  migratory passages of a variety of birds such as the Siberian Crane, Pelican, Black Heron, Bar-headed duck, Cormorant or the snake bird. The movie also highlighted the issues faced by these birds due to human activity and pollution. For instance, the students saw a duck unable to swim  due to oil spills, a crane flying with polythene bags entangled in its feet. However, with persistent efforts and thoughtful action, the students can revert the situation. Spreading awareness through campaigns and taking appropriate measures to reduce pollution are some significant steps that can be taken at the students’ level.The documentary was followed by a quiz on Natural Vegetation and Migratory Birds. It was an exciting and enlightening session and they learnt many new facts about migratory birds and the natural vegetation found in various regions. The event was organised by Mrs Arti Trivedi and Ms Sangita Bajpai.