D.P.S. R.K. Puram Runners-Up at the Rahat Inter- Collegiate Fundraiser Debate organised by SRCC, SBSC, SVC, and Hindu College

A team from the English Debating Society, comprising of Alyssa Nagrath (12-S: 2021-22), Areeb Nabi (12-U: 2020-21), and Manhar Bansal (12-U: 2020-21) participated in the Rahat Fundraiser Debate organised by the debating societies of SRCC and SBSC in collaboration with SVC and Hindu College on 4 July 2021. 

The format of the competition was Asian Parliamentary Debating and it was  held over the course of three days from 2 July 2021 to 4 July 2021. The first two days comprised 6 rounds after which a limited number of teams qualified for the quarter finals, semi finals, and finals held on the last day. Over 85 institutions participated in the competition from renowned universities in India and abroad including IITs, Gargi college, NSUT, LSR etc. Out of these, there were under 5 school teams (one of which was from D.P.S R.K.Puram) and the rest were collegiate. 

After intense debating across 6 rounds held over the course of the first two days, the D.P.S R.K. Puram team, named Logos, broke into the knockouts. Thereafter, they won the quarter finals, successively the semi finals and reached the final round wherein they emerged as runners- up in the novice category in this highly prestigious international inter-collegiate competition. Further, Areeb Nabi was given the title of one of the top 5 speakers in the competition. 

This exposure served as a crucial learning experience for our school team, and it familiarised them with the nuances of college debating while allowing them to grow in their own capacity as debaters.