Class VIII Orientation Programme (2017-2018)

An orientation programme was held for the parents, of students of class VIII, on 13th April’2017. The programme was conducted over two time slots to enable teachers, having more than two sections to teach, to have a quality time interaction.

Parents of sections B, D,E, J and K met the teachers between 2.30- 3.30 p.m. while parents of sections A, C, F, G, H, I met the teachers between 3.30-4.30 p.m. The interaction took place in their wards classrooms, where the class teacher and subject teachers introduced themselves and made the parents familiar with the changed system of assessment, methodology of teaching, activities conducted et al. The parents concerns and queries were also satisfied in the best manner possible.

The Principal and Headmistress also visited the classes and extended a warm welcome to the parents, assuring them of the school’s commitment to further their child’s growth.

The parents turned up in large numbers, making the programme a success.