Class Presentation XI-P 16-12-2020

Topic- If you want to Fly, give up Everything that Weighs you down.

Life is a series of events brought together in a meaningful way but more importantly, life is an accumulation of choices. Choices we make, everyday. Often, in order to take two steps forward instead of one, we need to make a choice to leave what is dragging us behind. Similarly, if we dream of flying, we need to let go of what is constantly weighing us down. That is when we can truly fly high and walk a few steps closer towards our dreams. With this, I’d like to dive into the presentation of class 11P, which was based on the theme of fulfilling our dreams by tackling hurdles and obstacles.

The presentation started with a beautiful shabad recited by Aadishwar Singh Sodhi. This was followed by an introduction of our presentation by Miihika Seth. Taneesha Daga then recited a beautiful, divine prayer to help begin the day on a positive note. The thought for the day was delivered by Anshika Kakkar and a very inspiring speech by Bhuvan Chandra Bhatt. After this, Vamika Gupta recited a self composed poem titled the same as the  theme.  Since 19th December is commemorated as Goa Liberation Day, the class took this opportunity and had Mishita Seth deliver a speech on the same. To conclude the presentation of the day, the vote of thanks was delivered by Rajvir Arora. The slides  were prepared by Dhruv Katyal and the invites were designed beautifully by Ritvik Dalal.

16 December 2020, Wednesday 
Class Teacher – Ms Suchitra Kaushik
Class – XI- P
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms. S K Nagalakshmi 
Activity Incharge – Ms. Kaveri Dhar