Class Presentation XI-M 02-12-2020

Topic-Where Words Fail, Music Speaks…

Music is the creation of the words of the mind and the sounds and rhythms of the world and everything around us. Words, although are often proven useful but can’t begin to show the depth of what a good song does when it’s stuck in our brain. No matter what age, social, cultural or religious boundaries we talk about, music touches each soul and mixes and mingles with our emotions and cures all  negatives that reside in our hearts and souls.

The presentation started with a divine prayer sung by Ruhani Kumar followed by a welcome note and introduction by comperes Vishesh Jawa and Aarushi Gupta. It was then followed by the Thought for the Day by Kunal Kumar. A meaningful poem on ‘Power of Music’ was recited by Aaryana Khare.Words of wisdom in the form of Shlokas were recited  by Mridul Malani and Spriha Sahni. A melodious and energising musical performance was given by Ruhani Kumar, Amal Tharikh, Aditya Mathur, Aman Raj and Vishesh Jawa. After this a talk on ‘The Hornbill Festival’ was given by Adya Yadav and Nimit Bajaj. In conclusion a Vote of Thanks was proposed by Anjali Kanodia. Invites were made and designed by Aarushi Gupta and Yashvi Gulati, colourful slides were made by Yashvi Gulati and editing of all the audios was the work of Amal Tharikh.

02 December 2020 Wednesday
Class Teacher – Mr Dhruv Kakkar
Class – XI- M
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms. S. K. Nagalakshmi
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar