Class Presentation X-C (15-07-2020)

15 JULY 2020 Wednesday
Teacher- Jyoti Bakshi
Topic- Festivals – रस रंग की फुहार
Class -X C
Rep- Surbhi Gupta
Headmistress – Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Incharge- Ms Binu Channan

The students enthralled the listeners by taking them on a journey of ‘Festivals – रस रंग की फुहार ‘ through a virtual class presentation prepared by their cumulative efforts. 

The theme elaborated on rejoicing the special moments and celebrating the positive side of our lives, which is often overlooked by all. With the immense amount of cultural diversity it is beautiful to analyze the way we coexist. These festivities strengthen our roots and provide us with several pragmatic interpretations of our traditional heritage. Thus, they add structure to our lives, when judged from both social and economic angles. 

The class presentation commenced with an exuberant welcoming speech by Aryan Mehra, which was followed by a morning prayer sung by Priyangana Goel and Ananda Khanna, then the thought of the Day by Aamishi Singh. This was succeeded by a hindi poetry recitation by Shreyas Modi. Sanya Gupta  concluded the programme with a short speech and enlightened all with her briefing on The Bonalu Festival of Telangana.

Bonalu is the annual festival of the state of Telangana, paying homage to Mother Energy – Goddess Ellama. Every year, Bonalu spirit is celebrated as a Thanksgiving to the goddess for fulfillment of vows. This year this festive season extends from 28th June to 19th July.

The Presentation concluded by  showing their gratitude to Principal Ms. Padma Srinivasan  and Headmistress Ms. Rashmi Malhotra for opening this window of opportunity even during these trying times. .