Delhi Girl Among 15 Indians To Receive The Princess Diana Award

Outstanding young hero from india receives award in memory of Princess Diana

Delhi girl Samika Gupta, 11 yrs, has been conferred with the prestigious Princess Diana Award for her humanitarian efforts among the slum children in Delhi to create and sustain positive change.

Samika stands on a chair so she can reach the blackboard, not as a pupil but as a volunteer teacher in a child-to-child education programme run by the Indian NGO Anukulan. Having recognised that many are struggling for even the basics in life, Samika inspires and motivates children living in slum conditions to recognise education as a way of improving their lives, teaching that essentials such as healthcare and food are a human right. She also helps to collect and distribute donations of food, clothing, books and toys, as well as volunteering in art and yoga workshops, health and dental clinics.