Class Presentation IX-C (18-08-2020)

Topic- Ganesh Chaturthi

The rains slashed hard, dimming what lay ahead
I am an old traveller, now. It is not the same anymore
Gone are the days of might and power
This night might make quick work of me,
As the sky watches with cold prejudice,
you are my guiding light, o lord 
I pay thee homage.

Ganesha, the fabulous deity who salvages hope in the darkest of hours is revered as the alleviator of infirmity and so in his honour on 18th of August , the students of class IX C presented a befitting extravaganza cherishing the vignharta , the snatcher of maladies. 

The presentation was initiated with words of welcome by Shauryaa Goyal followed by a brilliant rendition of a renowned prayer , by Shivansh Banerjee . Diya Maheshwari shared a wonderful thought with a sanguine message. A self composed poem recited by Hari Om Krishna  and Jia Aneja expressed her views on the glory of the Lord , who is  the harbinger of serendipity. The presentation was concluded by Rabia Wali with the vote of thanks . The powerpoint presentation , which is an inseparable part of any assembly, was created by Daksh Vijay Sarkar and Shubhang Mani Tripathi.  Arjun Banka designed the resplendent card.

18 August 2020 Tuesday
Class Teacher- Ms Meenu Singhal
Class – IX- C
Headmistress: Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative –  Ms  Ritu Raj
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar