Class Assembly XII-F (16-04-2021)

Topic- Spring- The Tulip Festival

On the vibrant occasion of the Tulip Festival, students of 12F staged a presentation on the topic ‘Spring’. Marking the onset of Tulip Festival, they signified the spring as the start of all things new. The presentation was led through by Jiya Malik and Lakshya Aggrawal. Followed by a shloka recited by Janaki Kumar. Then, Shamayita Biswas and Drishti Joshi presented a speech on ‘the Love of Spring and Tulips’. A soul-stirring song was performed by Riddhin Grover, followed by a self composed poem recited by Vaishnavi. Then, an instrumental ensemble was played by Aryaman Chandra, Siddhartha Thakur and Varun Bharti. Finally, the thought for the day was shared by Arnav Vig. 

16 April 2021, Friday 
Class Teacher – Ms Archana Deepak
Class – XII F
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms Vibha Arora
Activity Incharge – Ms. Binu Channan