Class Assembly XII-D 06-04-2021

Topic- Autism Awareness Day

The class presentation on the topic ‘Autism Awareness Day’  was held on April 6,2021.JM Barrie wrote a wonderful line in his book ‘ The Little White Bird’ , “Shall we make a new rule of life….. to always try to be a little kinder than necessary ?” That forms the essence of our endeavours put forward today. It is not enough to simply be kind . We must be kinder than necessary , especially to the autistic people who face countless difficulties from society and community . Every student participating in this presentation echoed the sentiment of JM Barrie , expressed by the remarkable comperes , Ananya Gupta and Aditi Singh . An enlightening thought for the day by Jasreen Kaur and Eshanya Gupta followed by two amazing self composed poems by Keyur Singh Sirohi  and Pranav Vennelaganti  , fine speeches by Shivya Khandpur and Ria Srivastava furthered the spirit of Autism Awareness , finally culminating in an excellent song by Jia Bawa , Noya Noor Quazi and Eshanya Gupta. The slides and invitations were managed by Jasreen Kaur and the entire presentation was compiled by Satvik Agrawal . The presentation summary was by Shivya Khandpur .

06 April 2021, Tuesday 
Class Teacher – Mr Jagjeet Singh
Class – XII D
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms Vibha Arora
Activity Incharge – Ms. Binu Channan