National Youth Icon Award 2020

Malank Goel, a student of Class XI, DPS RK Puram, is the recipient of the prestigious National Youth Icon Award 2020. The National Youth Icon Award is the premiere and the highest youth award in India for excellence in development work aimed to raise the profile of young people and highlight the contribution they are making towards developing a fairer, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future for the nation. He has developed a project SOLAKE : An Econometric Model for Sustainable Revival of Lakes tied together with Solar Renewable Energy Generation’. The Research paper has been published in ‘Clean Future’. Malank has a keen interest in sustainability and has been actively working on solar renewable energy solutions for the benefit of the environment and the society. 

This innovation is a collaborative effort from different streams, by bringing together technologies and techniques from revival and rejuvenation of water bodies, waste water treatment and ground water recharging, solar power plant design and implementation and econometric modelling to establish a financially feasible self-sustaining solution for revival of lakes and urban water bodies. It resolves two big issues that our cities are facing currently like the  revival of the lake ecosystem enabling communities around it to thrive and  Providing much needed green and clean energy, enabling the cities to become green cities.

He is a founder of Light Spread, which aims to make education available to children or low-income families especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Light Spread is a not for profit. He has developed the platform to connect schools with members of society to fund the education of kids unable to afford/prioritize it.

In his free time, Malank write’s papers on current economic and market issues. He follows an analytical approach in analysing the impact of various events such as Covid pandemic on various stakeholders in society. Papers are published at his own Blog and are submitted at various Govt windows.