Career Counselling Session for students of Class X

Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future growth and development of students. Keeping this in mind, virtual career counselling sessions were organised by D.P.S R. K. Puram for the students of Class X (A-G) on 22 May 2020 and(H-O) 23 May 2020. The purpose of this session was to guide them about how to plan a systematic study schedule for Class X and maximise their potential in current times. 

The session began with the Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan addressing the audience. Later the Headmistress, Ms Rashmi Malhotra addressing emphasized on the need to have a balanced approach and the right combination of one’s skills with one’s interest in choosing one’s career. The session was conducted by Mr Jitin Chawla, an MBA from FMS, New Delhi. He is the founder of the Centre for Career Development and has been counselling students for over 18 years. 

The session involved discussions on what skills could be developed and how students could use this time to build their educational profile. Mr Chawla shared different ways in which social media can be used more effectively and efficiently to learn and highlighted the importance of regulating the time spent on social media carefully. This was further extended to a discussion and sharing of ideas with the students on various courses and online applications available to add to one’s repertoire of qualifications.

He also discussed careers in Sciences, especially with Biology branches of medicine that a student can explore including Dentistry, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda. He further shaped the session into talking about various fields of engineering emphasizing on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to be the most flourishing areas of study in the near future. Diverse Career Options in Commerce and humanities fields such as Law, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Travel and Tourism, Digital Marketing, Management, CS, CA were also discussed along with the subjects that would help in establishing in these areas. 

Mr Chawla addressed the current situation of global pandemic Covid-19 and encouraged students to explore new careers that would be open post-pandemic. These careers revolved around natural sciences such as Computational Biology, Hydrology, Epidemiology, Medical Scientists, etc. The session concluded with an interactive question & answer round which was moderated by the school counsellor, Ms Kanika. The session experienced active involvement of students with 95.8 % participation on 22-05-20 and 83.6 % participation on 23-05-20.