Career Counselling Session for Parents of Class X students

A Virtual Career Counselling session was organized by DPS R.K.Puram for parents of class X students of sections (H-O) on 22 May 2020 & 23 May 2020 to explore the various career options for students in all the three streams Science, Commerce and Humanities. 

The Principal, Ms.Padma Srinivasan addressed the parents and encouraged them to facilitate the students to identify their interests and skills in order to choose their career. The Headmistress, Ms Rashmi Malhotra welcomed all parents to the online session. 

The speaker for the session was Mr Saurabh Nanda from Pratham. He is an Engineer with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. He has passionately devoted his time to education and counselling for the last 8-9 years after a stint in the corporate world.

Mr Nanda shared his extensive knowledge of various career options, opportunities and challenges that come with each combination of subjects. He also explained very diligently the importance of Class X in career planning. The entire session was not only informative but also opened up various avenues for the students to explore in order to plan their career.

The session was wrapped up with an interactive Question & Answer round which witnessed a lot of enthusiastic participation from the parents.