Assembly XII-P 09-04-2019

CLASS TEACHER: Mrs Usha Diptivilasa
VICE PRINCIPAL: Ms Padma Srinivasan
DATE: 9 April 2019
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mr. Shankar Giri 

TOPIC: No Matter What Happens, Some Memories Can Never Be Replaced

This touching quote conveys the inexplicable impact that memories have on us. They touch the delicate strings of our hearts and dwell in our minds forever. Living our mundanely routine lives, embroiled in the day to day rigmarole, we never realize how each second counts and how every minute is going to get etched in our memories. We shall surely miss those personal experiences with friends, teachers, our kith and kin, this great institution and many such interactions. These nostalgic moments recalled in tranquility in the future may even make us wish for the past to return so that we can relive our lives. But as they say, Time waits for none. Hence, it is important that we shape beautiful and unique memories today and everyday so that tomorrow we may look back and say, “Yes, I did the right things in life.”

The aim of the assembly was to emphasize on the impact that our daily life experiences will make on our future.