Assembly XII-O (01-09-2022)

TOPIC: When we focus on the good, the good get better

Life is full of both ups and downs, and it’s important to embrace both the good and the bad in all their glory. The class firmly believes that it is up to us to transform obstacles into opportunities and portrayed the same through their class assembly.Comperes Sanjam Singh and Manya Aggarwal opened the assembly and emphasised that when we choose to make a conscious decision to replace our negative thoughts with positive affirmations, it is this response that truly determines a better outcome. 

The morning prayer was sung by Naisha, Yashaswini, Angel, Anika, Rigzin, Kashvi, Ananya, Hamsini and Manya Rajput followed by  Saraswati Vandana performed by Rohita and Yashaswini. The news was read by Saksham, Vansh, Rohan and Kunwar. The thought for the day was delivered by Kanishk and Ranveer.Manya Aggarwal and Anurag Sarkar delivered powerful speeches on the theme of the assembly. Manya Mahajan recited a self-composed poem. Solo Western Dance was presented by Sana. Comperes Khushaali and Yashaswini introduced the various performances. A melodious solo song was sung by Naisha accompanied by the class western choir  Yashaswini, Angel, Anika, Rigzin, Kashvi, Ananya, Hamsini and Manya Rajput. 

National Nutrition Week is celebrated from 1st September to 7th September every year. The class enacted a Nukkad Natak to raise awareness about nutrition and healthy eating habits by Kavish, Khushaali, Sanjam, Hamsini, Ananya, Jayati, Ekansh and Manya Rajput. Assembly Invitation Cards and Board work were done by Ananya, Manya Mahajan, Dhruv and Niyati. E Invite was prepared by Ananya, Dhruv and Arin. Bringing the focus on the brighter side of life and a positive mindset class XII-O presented a mesmerising assembly.

1 September 2022
Class XII O
Class Teacher: Ms Gurpal Kaur XII-O
Class Representative- Ms Richa Aggarwal
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona