Assembly VII-A (31-08-2022)

“TOPIC : Ganesh Chaturthi 

On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the students of Class VII A  paid reverence to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the God of new beginnings. The class presentation commenced with the morning prayer Tu Ram hai Tu Rahim hai sung by Vaishnavi Sudarshan, Angel, Valencia, Arnav, Ayavanth, Samarth, Pranay Hardik, Shivam, Priyanshu, Jatin and Prachi Singh. This was followed by the Ganesha Stuti, a classical dance performance by Vaishnavi Sudershan. Aryaveer Mishra, Shobhit Chauhan and Anabh Lakra shared the thought for the day followed by the News Headlines, presented by Shreyash Joshi, Naman, Pranay Bundela and Ronik.

The students of the class presented a musical skit “Ganesha, our friend – the remover of obstacles”, which brought out the true spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi when we invite Lord Ganesha into our lives and He Blesses us by taking away all our problems. The dance in the skit was performed by Pranay Bundela, Aarush Kohli, Samrat Kirar, Prachi Singh, Hardik, Sapna, Harshita, Deepanshi, Shivam, Sunil Kumar and Tejaswini Bairy. The skit was performed by Yash Kumar as Lord Ganesha, Devyani Mukherjee, Vritti Bhandari and Kanish Gupta.

 A self Composed Poem on New Beginnings was presented by Zaara Zahid Khan. The Western Choir of the class, comprising Zaara, Vaishnavi, Arnav, Tejaswini, Valencia and Angel presented the song “You Raise me up”.The Assembly concluded with a vibrant and energetic dance performance Gajanana by the dance troupe of the class, comprising Aniruddha, Angel, Tejaswini, Poorva Sharma, Dev Sharma, Raj Varan, Nitin Kohli and Yash Kumar.

The comperes of the programme were Zaara Zahid Khan, Aniruddha Mathuria, Arnav Aggarwal, Vaishnavi Sudershan and Kanish Gupta

The PowerPoint presentation was made by Sarthak Sehrawat, Arnav, Shreyash, and Zaara.

The e-card, boards, folders and invitation cards were created by Vritti, Hardik,Tejaswini, Harshita,Zaara, Vaishnavi, Maithili, Arnav, Sarthak and Kanish

31 August 2022 -Wednesday 
Class : VII A
Class Teacher: Ms Saveri Lal
SUPERVISOR -Ms.Vinita Gupta 
Class Representative-Ms.Nalini Gautam
Activity Incharge-Ms. Kaveri Dhar