Assembly XII-N (13-07-2022)

“Topic: RESILIENCE – The Ability to Bounce Back

The assembly of class XII N appreciated and celebrated the people who got up and came back, better and stronger after being pushed down by life. It motivated the students to bounce back and get ready for the life ahead after two years of staying at home. It started with a heartfelt morning prayer by Divyanidhi, Naman, Kabir, Aman, Bhav, Dhwani, Pareena, Ankita, Sheza, Akshi and Aryan. The comperes were Suveer and Gianna. A graceful classical dance by Anousha and Ankita. A very motivating speech was given by Ranbir. A refreshing thought by Aryan, a splendid shloka by Divyanidhi and the news by Aarav and Dhwani. There was a beautiful poem composed and read by Gianna. The panel discussion discussing their life experiences was held by Ranbir, Jai, Aarav, Ruhee and Divyanidhi. There was a melodious western song, “We Are The World”, sung by Anousha, Kamakshi, Shrishti, Ruhee, Pareena, Nandini, Dhwani and Akshi. The eye-catching and attractive invitation cards and folders were made by Pareena, Sheza and Ruhee and the e-invites were designed by Ankita. The stunning PowerPoint presentation was made by Aruj.

13th July 2022, Wednesday
Class Teacher: Ms Nidhi Katyal
Class XII  N
Class Representative- Ms Richa Aggarwal
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona