Assembly X-A & X-D (12-07-2022)

“Topic: Celebrating Fervour of Happiness

In the spirit of celebrating various festivals filled with bliss and joy, Class X-A and X-D gave a class presentation on the topic “Celebrating the Fervour of Happiness”

Upholding what Mahatma Gandhi once said and I quote – “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

The assembly began with a heartfelt prayer by Ashmit, Jashan, Priya, Areeba, Vidhi Batheja, Sanskriti, Anchal, Isaant, Eshan, Gurtej, Vasu, Aarav Bagga, Palak, Abhinav and Sneh. Then the Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan welcomed everyone with an eloquent prayer. This was followed by Mayra and Manvi staging a breathtaking Ram Stuti, which was preceded by students, Priyanshi, Haneef, Manas, Yagya, Anshi Verma, Mayra, Aahana, Ayanika, Shahnaz, Mishthi, Hunar, Banisha, Dishita, Abhinav, Reyansh, Ahaan, Aarav Bagga, Rajveer, Kabir, Reyansh performing choir commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Shrish and Anupam enlightened us with the current affairs after which Jasraj and Aadya changed our perspective on life with their thoughts for the day.

Continuing the assembly Anshi Ijral, Sanskriti, Dhriti and Mannat recited an energetic poem giving a strong message on Earth Day. Then the importance of all the festivals was highlighted by Gauri, Shrishti, Shreya Shreyansh and Dev through speeches. After that Astha, Hunar, Dishita, Kabir, Palek, Sakshi, Vandita, Rajveer, Banisha, Reyansh, Yuvraj, Mayra, Ahana, Ayaanika, and Anushka did a magnificent dance choreographed by Mayra depicting Baisakhi.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Anirudh Trivedi. The e-cards, boards, folders and invite cards were created by Haneef, Advika, Tanvi, Vindhya, Shreyansh, Anushka, Samridhi, Manvi, Manas, Anchal, Palak and Shrishti.

12th JULY 2022, Tuesday
Class  X A and X D
Class Representative- Ms Richa Basrao

Activity Incharge- Ms Kaveri Dhar