Assembly XII-J 24 August 2021

24 August 2021, Tuesday

Class Teacher – Mr. Ajay Goel

Class – XII- J

Vice Principal – Dr. Renu Nayar

Class Representative – Ms. Richa Aggarwal

Activity Incharge – Ms. Binu Channan

Topic- Janmashtami

Janmashtami is a Hindu festival celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. On this occasion, the students of class XII J eloquently highlighted the important values and lessons we can learn from Lord Krishna’s life through their class presentation.

The presentation began with a melodious self composed song by Akshit Upadhyay followed by an introduction by Varin Kala. Following that, Akshit Upadhyay recited an inspiring shloka, which was translated by Tushar Bhatt. Swasti Nitya then performed a melodious prayer song. Utkarsh Byahut and Gauri Mishra spoke about Lord Krishna’s principles and values in their speeches. Ayush Sinha recited a beautiful self composed poem, ‘The Cliffs’. Sahil Agrawal shared the thought for the day, highlighting the essence of the festival, towards the end of the presentation. The presentation concluded with a vote of thanks by Arunee Agrawal. An instrumental performed by Utkarsh Byahut was used to soundtrack the entire presentation.

The e-invitation cards and slides were prepared by Ananya Rohatgi and Alia Fatima. The audio compilation and editing were done by Somesh Kar.