Assembly XI-W 22-11-2018

Class Teacher: Ms. Shruti Vijan
Class Representative: Ms.N. Laxmi
Vice Principal: Ms Padma Srinivasan
Date: 22.11.18
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms. Abha  Chona
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

TOPIC: Confluence of Life and Literature.

The connection between literature and life is intimate and vital.  It is one of the trails blazed by the human spirit voyaging through strange seas of thoughts. Literature grows out of life, reacts upon life and is fed by life. Literature should lead the people forward to a higher plane of life and thought, by drawing the attention of the people to the emerging truths of life. That is what Walt Whitman meant when he said that the object of literature is “to free, arouse and dilate the human mind”. Literature, in this sense, must emancipate the mind from its limitations; arouse it to a consciousness of the dynamic urge of life.