Assembly XI-K (29-07-2021)

Topic- Fearing The Fall Will Always Hurt The Climb

“Our aim towards success has always been hampered by our fear of failure. There is no success without failure, and without losing we wouldn’t know what winning feels like.”

Keeping this as the central idea of our class presentation it commenced with a beautiful shloka by Ashutosh Sharma followed by Sahana Agarwal greeting the DPS family. The mesmerizing morning prayer was sung by Mahi Priya Arora. If you have the fear of failure constantly in your mind, it will always be a hindrance in striving towards success. This message was conveyed through thought of the Day by :Lomash Sharma, Aashima Khanna and Rishika Dua. The compere Vivaan Goyal then introduced us with a powerful self composed poem by Eva Aggarwal. A moving speech was delivered by Mahi Priya Arora, Aryan Bharti , Tanisha Singhal and Aditya Raj. The melodious song was sung by Mahi Priya Arora, Ishita and the instrumental song was done by ARMAAN JAGIRDAR,ATISHAY JAIN, PINGAKSH SHARMA. The presentation was concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Rohin Vohra.

29July 2021, Thursday
Class Teacher- Ms Anjana Virmani
Class- XI-K
Vice Principal- Dr. Renu Nayar 
Class Representative- Ms Shalini Harisukh
Activity incharge- Ms Binu Channan

The overall compilation of audio clip, e-invite and poster was by our very talented PINGAKSH SHARMA. The designing of the attractive slides and presentation was done by Harshikaa. The beautiful compilation and coordination of the whole content for the website is done by Aarushi Kapur.