Assembly XI-F 27 August 2021


C.N Lewis has aptly said “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an  extraordinary destiny”. This quote successfully summarizes the spirit of  sportsmanship that is adhered by a sports person. Sports is an integral part of one’s  life and it triumphantly teaches the basic virtues of life including tenacity,  teamwork, discipline along with many others. It contributes to the development of  physical fitness, mental health and boosts self-esteem. Acknowledging these  qualities of sports, the students of class XI-F dedicated their class presentation on the occasion of National Sports Day celebrated on 29th August every year. 
The class presentation was set on motion with a thoughtful Sanskrit shloka on the  importance of sports recited and explained by Vedant Sood. Then the compere Anuva Bhagirath gave an introductory speech on the topic. The compere  called upon Vandita Jain for an enlightening thought for the day, accompanied by  a special mention of the Olympic Heroes of India. Followed this, an English prayer seeking guidance and support from God, composed and recited by Priyang Mohan Lal and Veronika Dhingra. Post that an insight to the topic and a tribute to the Flying Sikh Milkha Singh was given by Ritwik Sethi and Vaibhav Saran Mehra accompanied by a self-composed poem recited by Vaibhav Saran Mehra. Thereafter, the compere called upon Avni Dhir for a soulful and dulcet musical rendition. The presentation was concluded with a vote of thanks by Arshya Baweja. The e-invite was prepared by Riaa Sehgal and Ananya Asthana. The background music is played and well-crafted by Rajdeep Agarwal and the presentation was designed and compiled by Madhav Dogra. 

Class teacher – Ms. Taruna Didi
Class- XI F
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms. Sushma Sardana
Activity Incharge – Ms. Binu Channan