Assembly VI-H 26 August 2021


Sports and games are an integral part of our life and have become a way of life for a healthy and fit India. Sports play a pivotal role in the makeup of a young athlete. Where else can a young impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice and accountability and to remain fit? 

To mark the significance of sports, the students of Class VI H prepared their class presentation on National Sports Day which is celebrated on 29 August every year. The presentation commenced with a thought provoking quote by Aanya Aggarwal and proceeded on to a prayer by Arundhati Pradhan. A speech on the origin of National Sports Day as well as on the importance of sports was delivered by various students of the class, including Medhansh Chotrani, Ananya Malhotra, Ritika Sharma, Showaiz Noor Ahmad, Shifa Khanam and Arhaan Sharma. Taking the theme into consideration, Vanshika Gehlot shared the thought for the day. In addition, Ananya Goyal presented a zestful song, “Hall of Fame” and Atharva Nawani recited a self-composed poem which paid tribute to the great national sports players. The presentation concluded with a few inspiring words delivered by Ragini Singh and finally, a vote of thanks by Vani Menon.

The credit for the technical assistance goes to a team including Saanvi Dayal, Atiksh Bansal and Showaiz Noor Ahmad.

Class Teacher- Ms Diksha Jagga
Class- VI H
Incharge- Ms Vinita Gupta
Class Representative- Ms Divya Kapoor
Activity Incharge- Ms. Binu Channan