Assembly X-A & X-C 15-05-2019

Class teachers: Ms. Seema Mehta, Ms. Sini Annie Abraham                                              

Class Representative: Ms. Shaloo Khanna                                                                          

Vice Principal: Ms. Anita Singh

Date: 15-05-2019

Cultural programme in-charge: Ms.Sudeepta Chatterjee

Photography: Mr. Ram Kumar

Guest speaker: Ms. V.Radha

Topic: Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

The assembly of X A & X C conveyed the message that we should not judge our work by immediate results, but by the efforts that we put in.Success is  a destination that comes after a long journey of obstacles ,setbacks and efforts to overcome them. Any accomplishment is a result of cumulative efforts of days,weeks,months or even years. No step is insignificant in the path of success. We should enjoy and cherish the little steps we take towards our goal because the seeds we plant today, will grow into fruit bearing tree tomorrow.