Assembly VIII-H (15-12-2021)

Topic – Victory Day – Vijay Divas

“Victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats.”

Victory Day, also known as Vijay Diwas or Bijoy Diwas, is commemorated every 16th December in India, to observe India’s victory over Pakistan in the War of 1971. On 16 December every year, citizens, senior officials, students & war veterans lay wreaths and remember the sacrifices of the soldiers.

The students of VIII H, paid homage to the brave soldiers through our class presentation. The class presentation began with a soothing prayer by Yashica Rathore. Shloka was recited by Aaryan Veer Lodhi, followed by Rehhet Narula and Abeer Khan with their greetings. Moving on, a meaningful Thought for the day was given by Kavin Malhotra. It was then followed by a thought provoking poem by Poorvi Shankar. Riddhiman, Avish and Saahir then enlightened us with the importance of Vijay Diwas through a dynamic role play. Adrika Aggarwal sung a melodious song to evoke the feeling of patriotism. Concluding the Presentation, Bhavini Bisht delivered the vote of thanks. The appealing E-invite was designed by Gunraj and Diti. The Audio compilation was done by Anav Jain and the powerpoint presentation was made by Atharva.

15th December 2021 Wednesday

Class Teacher- Ms Aakriti Sharma

Class – VIII H

Supervisor– Ms Vinita Gupta

Class Representative –  Ms Mahima Goel

Activity Incharge – Ms Abha Chona