Assembly VII-I (15-07-2021)

Topic: Global Tiger Day

On the occasion of ‘Global Tiger Day’, the students of class 7I prepared a presentation that raised awareness about protecting tigers and their natural habitats. 

The class presentation commenced with a beautiful Sanskrit shloka recited by Aditri Shree Dwivedi. The theme was introduced by Saisha Dhawan followed by a melodious prayer by Harnoor Sachdeva. Aryaman Bhardwaj and Amaira Arora spoke about the significance and historical background of Global Tiger Day. Thereafter, Shaurya Bajaj, Maishaa Minocha, Vivaan Jha and Vajra Gautam presented a short role-play taking us on a virtual tour and informing about some of the endangered tiger species around the world. Anaisha Arora through her speech emphasized the need to protect the tigers. Ranbir Goel and Samanyu Ghuliani reiterated the message through the ‘Thought for the Day’. The vote of thanks was presented by Saiansha Kataria. The attractive slides were prepared by Aarna Mathur and Kavin Chaudhary with inputs from Saisha Dhawan. The beautiful e-invite was created by Diya Gupta. 

15 July 2021, Thursday
Class Teacher- Ms. Preeti Bara
Class- VII -I
Incharge- Ms Vinita Gupta
Class Representative- Ms Nalini Gautam 
Activity Incharge- Ms. Binu Channan