Assembly IX-G (13-07-2021)

Topic-Monsoon: It is not just rain to India

The arrival of Monsoon marks the beginning of the cultivation of kharif crops in India. The monsoon festivals in India pay homage to the natural forces that bless the land with an excellent harvest each year. For Us Indians, varsha, as Kalidasa had aptly adored, is “prāanināam prāanabhūtah” — the life breath of all that live. On this theme of rainy season the students of 9 G put up their class presentation. 

Starting with her cheerful voice Tvesha introduced the topic to the audience. To start the day on an auspicious note Shivya sang the prayer ‘ Tu hi Ram hai tu Raheem hai’. On the theme of Monsoon Aryan and Harjas presented thoughts of the day. Focusing on the cheerful season of monsoon Maanav recited a poem written by Gaurang Rai.   As Soham introduced all the speakers; Ajitansh, Simran, Sahibnoor, Tanish shared their thoughts on the importance of Monsoon for India. With a few lines from a folk song Yukti concluded the speech and Shaurya thanked everyone for their presence.

13 July 2021, Tuesday
Class Teacher – Ms Deepti C
Class – IX G
Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative- Ms Payal Arora
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar