Assembly VI-I (08-07-2021)

Topic:World Nature Conservation Day

‘Rethink, Replenish and Recycle are the key to a sustainable future.’                                     

With this quote as the central idea, the students of 6-I took the opportunity to spread awareness about the increasing need to preserve and protect the environment.The presentation commenced with a thought provoking shloka by Nanya Gupta. Giaa Bhatia, Navya Kalra and Zayan Ali Khan greeted the audience  with an introduction to the topic, following which a soulful morning prayer was sung by Rianna Sachdev. The thought for the day was delivered by Aanya Gupta and Viraaj Dhamija. It was followed by a self composed poem by Maayrra Arora and Mannan Arora. An inspiring story was then narrated by Aavya Shrivastava, Anaisha Kakkar, Ishaan Arora, Reanna Batra and Vihaana Dogra. This was followed by a pledge by Aarna Anand, Arjun Kanwar, Aryan Arora and Saanvi Mahajan. The presentation concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Aarvi Prakash, Ishaan Raikwar and Navya Taneja.The compilation of attractive slides, audio clip and e-invite was done by Aarav Yadav, Anuvrat Gupta, Afraaz Tariq, Anika Tyagi, Arya Chatrath, Mehveer Singh Grover, Sabal Ramjita and Samarth Bansal.  The beautiful posters included the works of Aditya Lal, Aatreyi Singh, Gaurika Chopra, Ishaan 

08 July 2021, Wednesday
Class Teacher- Ms. Nikita Khera
Class- 6 I
Incharge- Ms Vinita Gupta
Class Representative- Ms Pratibha Sachar
Activity Incharge- Ms. Binu Channan