Assembly IX-G & IX-H 26-11-2019

Topic: Where Daffodils Don’t Grow

The theme of the assembly was based on William Wordsworth’s poem ‘Daffodils’ where he recreates a picturesque scene of thousands of daffodils swaying sprightly in the balmy breeze. But will any of our future generations live to experience the beauty and serenity as described by Wordsworth?  The students through thought,  poetry,  speech and skit depicted the untold damage being inflicted upon our beautiful planet which ensures that in times to come, this pure bliss as witnessed by the poet will just be a dream.

Class Teacher: Ms. Komal Chaudhary
Class Representative: Ms. Surbhi Gupta
Headmistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Date: 26 November 2019
Cultural Programme In-charge: Ms. Shelly
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri