Achievement by Aakanksha Chandra of Class XII

Aakanksha Chandra, a student of XII-O, has presented to the school, a replica of the HMS Water Witch (an English ship which sailed the seven seas between 1871 to 1936 ) in a 1 ltr. Johnnie Walker bottle. The art form is called SHIP-IN-BOTTLE.

Aakanksha has learnt this rare and difficult art in a period of two months at a young age of 15 yrs. She has since then created replicas of upto 4-masted ships. Her efforts have been recognized by the Ships-In-Bottles Association Of America (SIBAA) through publication of her photo in their journal.

Ships-in-bottles is an art form developed by sailors of yore, to pass time at sea while creating to scale replicas of the ships they sailed on / encountered at sea.
Today, the art form has graduated from simple bottles of yore to bottles, jars and bulbs of various shapes and sizes.