Workshop on POCSO, Gender sensitivity, Poverty and Anti Bullying

To acquaint , sensitise and strengthen students regarding Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO),Awareness about issues related to bullying and poverty Gender Sensitivity an interactive session was conducted for the students of Class VII on November 1st 2019, Friday, by Mrs. Sheetal Chaudhary Pradhan, Judge,Mahila Courts Delhi at Saket Courts complex.

Ms Niva Chhonkar, Headmistress VI-VIII, felicitated Ms Sheetal Chaudhury Pradhan. The Headmistress said that with ‘rights’, the children must not forget their ‘responsibilities’ and the children should avoid unsafe situations and report any such matter immediately to the person with whom the child is comfortable. She asked the students to be sensitive , sympathetic and respectful towards underprivileged and appreciate good qualities in others.

Ms Sheetal started her interesting speech telling that there should be no discrimination between boys and girls. She emphasized on having equal responsibilities for both. She slowly proceeded towards bullying which has become a common issue now. She told the students that they should neither give in to bullying nor be a silent observer. She also focussed on good touch and bad touch. Children were specifically told to speak out and report if ever they felt uncomfortable about any such thing. They were also advised to confide in a person with whom they are comfortable. She also asked the students to avoid eye contact with strangers as cases of hypnotism have been reported.

The programme concluded with a positive note which she made about friendship. Even a single friend in our lives can make the difference. Students were also encouraged to have confidence in themselves